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Hedgeley Farms
Hedgeley Hall, Powburn,
Alnwick, Northumberland
NE66 4HZ

+44 (0) 1665 578272

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At Hedgeley we have a lowland flock of 400 North Country Mules that are put to the Texel and Hampshire Tups in November to lamb from the 15th April the following year. The lambs are either sold direct to slaughter or sold store from August onwards. All lambs are finished at grass.

We also run an upland flock of 1000 Blackface ewes. The upland flock are either put to the Bluefaced Leicester to produce replacements for the lowland flock, or the Blackface to produce replacements. All the wethers are sold fat or store from August onwards.

Following the selection of lambs, our Te Pari Racewell Handler system can draw out those that are at the desired weight and daily liveweight gain. Buyers of our lambs are provided with a list of lambs for sale, individual weights, and daily liveweight gain data.