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Hedgeley Farms
Hedgeley Hall, Powburn,
Alnwick, Northumberland
NE66 4HZ

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Hedgeley Farms strives to maximise the economic potential of the land by using sustainable husbandry techniques whilst remaining sensitive to environmental issues. To achieve this target, we have 1310 hectares in Natural England’s Entry & Higher Level Stewardship Schemes.

The farm has a variety of landscapes, with Beanley Moor being of particular interest. The moor is located in the south-east of the farm with remains of an ancient Iron Age hillfort and Roman farmsteads being present. The moor has also been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) along with Bewick Moor. The principal vegetation is wet heath dominated by heather and purple moor grass. Depressions in the landform have allowed peat to accumulate, creating large bogs. These form a significant part of the special interest of the site. There is an interesting number of amphibian species, typical flora of this habitat, a variety of upland birds and the Large Heath Butterfly present on the moor.

The River Breamish flows through the middle of the farm. This river is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to it being the home of otters, wintering, breeding and migratory birds and a diverse range of aquatic plants.

We are also currently carrying out investigations to determine whether Scots Pine trees growing on the estate are ‘original native forest’ of the type that covered the UK following the ice age but prior to the land being subject to human interference. We have a large amount of circumstantial evidence with leads the Forestry Commission and Natural England along with ourselves to believe we may have some very special trees on Hedgeley.

Other habitats can be found on the farm such as species rich hedgerows, established field margins and mature woodland. These habitats support a variety of wildlife from Grey Partridge to Brown Hares and breeding Barn Owls to Oystercatchers. The estate also has a well-established population of Red Squirrels as well as being part of the ‘Red Alert’ scheme which promotes red squirrel populations.

Hedgeley Farms won the Tye Trophy in 2007. This is awarded annually to the farm that has best incorporated conservation and environmental protection into commercial farming in the North East of England.

Since the 1920s gravel extraction has taken place on land adjacent to the River Breamish. The restoration of this land has created seven lakes with the final lake being completed in 2018. Along with Branton Lakes, which were purchased in 2015 from the international aggregate company, Cemex, we have created a mosaic of habitats which have strategic wildlife importance for the southern part of the Tweed river system.