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Why Galloway?

We chose Galloways & Belted Galloways for the following reasons :


Over one thousand years they have evolved to suit the uplands of South Scotland and Northern England.

They are a hardy low cost cow.

They can be managed with little labour input and their double coat ensures they do not need to be housed over winter.

They turn low value hill or moorland grazing into high value meat. Their meat is juicy, tender, flavoursome and commands a premium at sale when properly hung.

Although they are not bulled until two years old, a Galloway cow traditionally will have 2 – 3 more calves than a conventional suckler cow during the course of her lifetime.

They do not require an intensive diet. They will eat it but do not thank you for it. During the winter months they are fed conservation silage. During the summer they do best on poor quality moorland or hill.

They are very easy outdoor calvers with the calves typically being up on their feet within 20 minutes of birth.

There are payments available for native breed cattle under ELS + HLS in England and Land Management Options in Scotland.


With proper attention to genetics and breeding finished carcass weights are no less than continental crosses. Although they take longer to finish than conventional cattle, they do so at much lower costs.

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