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Hedgeley Farms
Hedgeley Hall, Powburn,
Alnwick, Northumberland
NE66 4HZ

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The Beanley Herd was established in 2004 following a decision to sell our conventional suckler herd in favour of a lower input breed.

The majority of the original Galloways were purchased from the Blarcreen herd. We have since purchased a Whitebred Shorthorn bull to give us Blue Grey calves, principally for breeding. Our Blue Grey heifers go to the Aberdeen Angus bull and are sold PD’d in-calf at Newcastleton in October.

We aim to put 85 Galloways and 30 Belted Galloways to our bulls each year, with the replacement heifers going to the bull at two years of age.

We operate a spring calving system to coincide milk demand with grass growth. The cows are over-summered on the hills above Beanley and on Hedgeley Moor. The yearling cattle are over-summered up the College Valley. Steers are finished on grass to 30 months then sold to premium outlets. We also sell a number of heifers at two years old for breeding, usually PD'd in-calf.

We are TB 4 yearly testing (last test February 2022), BVD accredited since 2006 & Johnes Risk Level 1. We are also screening for Leptospirosis & IBR

Our aim is to produce larger cattle. To do this we have selected our bulls carefully with the focus on Canadian genetics.

Please see the sub menus for information on our past and present bulls